I am not running out of time. If anything I have an abundance of time.

I used to feel like I was on a time limit. The clock in me ticked aggressively.

I had writer’s block for the longest. My goal to write a book started biting my foot. It dragged me into the darkest of corners because I thought I was running out of time.

If I don’t publish a book soon, I would never amount to anything I thought. I learned that this clock in me only worsened my writer’s block.

I have so many dreams. This irrational fear that I would never reach them stems from my own self-doubt.

I doubted that I would make it as a writer. I doubted that I would live long enough to see my dreams come true.

That clock has to slow down. Life is counted but I will reach everything If I really want to.

Tic Toc… stop clock.

My dreams will come true, be it 22 or 52.

All that matters is that I do it. That I don’t give up on my goal.

The success of others can not be a measurement for my own.

Clocks tic for so many reasons but sometimes we have to reset it and place it back on 00:00.

Mind Blocked


When I have writer’s block, I write about writer’s block.

I look into why is my mind blocked right now. Have I stuck to one general type of writing and forgot to explore? Am I just tired this week? Do I have a lot on my mind and can’t put it into words?

I analyze my own mind. Try to get to know better this phenomena called writer’s block.

When I have writer’s block, I feel this immense pressure to get over it so I can keep creating some work.

Boredom is my enemy. I hate being bored. I either clean, cook, write, paint, I can not just stay still without doing something productive.

When I have writer’s block I find myself investing my time into other things. I spend hours cleaning and organizing.

I invest my time in something, even though what I want to do most is just write.

I noticed free writing about writer’s block helped me defeat it just now.

Whenever you feel like you can not figure out what to write, take a couple minutes and explore your writer’s block.

Writer’s block… the beginning, not the end of new ideas.