News feed


The first thing we do is go on the internet and check our news feed.

We are hit with stories of the grim reality of life. The reality that we all die.

We are hit with people arguing, scandals, stories that make us say oh my god.

The first thing we do is watch a video on what’s wrong with the world. It’s all the news talks about. Sure they sprinkle a positive news story here and there but they are amongst a sea of negativity.

Why must we shed a light on the painful reality that no one is safe and death is inevitable?

We see our social media friends bashing women, bashing men, bashing moms, bashing anyone who is not like them.

The world likes to high light the bad, ugly and unfortunate.

Is this why we can’t seem to smile first thing in the morning?


Is that what we must do every once in a while?

I’m not saying throw that phone out the window, burn your laptop and destroy the t.v.

Maybe, just maybe, we can look out the window and see the blue sky before checking our phones.

Hug our pet, our lover, our children and love the fact that we woke up to see another day.

Once we take in the positivity within our small worlds, we are prepared enough to take in the negativity within our phones displaying the bigger world outside of our small worlds.

I know, it’s a complicated sentence but what I’m trying to say is we have to appreciate what we have to fight the ugly of this world.

Maybe just maybe, we can hmm I don’t know, Disconnect once in a while?

What we hide from the world


I can’t deny there are some things I desire. I desire love, affection, and care. I desire to feel wanted. I desire to feel complete but only I can complete myself.

I stay off social media because all you see are people who are happy. Couples who look in love, babies, promotions, graduations, the list can go on.

It’s so blinding that I sometimes forget nothing is ever all positive. Maybe that couple is miserable. Maybe that family isn’t perfect, maybe just maybe that smile in that selfie isn’t real.

I built up so many expectations for myself on where I should be in life. Life simply can’t be planned out. It never goes how we want it.

I have secrets and sorrows but so does everyone else. They just mask it the same way I mask mine on social media.

We live in a world of fake smiles, fake pictures. It’s a technological world. Where selfies and statuses fog up the screen. We live in a world of likes and emojis.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s all just a wall, masking what we try to hide from the world.