Love poem, Do you know?


The shadow realm is where lies my insecurities and past hardships. You have placed them there the moment you came into my life.

Even while falling for you I debated whether I was worthy of catching.

You showed me I am and worthy of so much more.

The moment we interlocked souls I knew my eyes wouldn’t want to look at anyone but you.

Simply I just feel love for you, or I like you a lot. I don’t know what love feels like honestly.

Thought I was in love so many times.

Being with you is like spinning on a computer chair really fast. The world is twisting and turning but my eyes focus only on one thing.

So many people have entered my life and disappointed me.

It made me hesitant to even admit I felt something for you.

I don’t know what I feel, someone tell me, is this what love feels like?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Material Things


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Material things make me happy.

When I am falling apart and feeling like ice is forming around my soul, I go on Amazon and look for things I don’t need.

I know, it’s terrible.

I find something I like and get excited.

Deep down a voice in me says, “This won’t make you happy.”

But my sadness clogs up my mind and tells me it will.

It tells me it will keep me occupied, keep me entertained enough to not think about everything else.

Material things make me “happy.”

Let’s define happy.

By happy I mean, distracted.

By happy I mean occupied, filling a void.

Filling my soul with an excitement over something new.

Something I’ll get bored off eventually.

I know it’s not real happiness.

Material things just keep me from falling deeper in the sadness we ourselves welcome with open arms.

Maybe it is true what my mother used to say, “Check on your friends that have everything because deep down they have nothing.”


From pushovers to pushers


Three years ago he would’ve never stood up for himself.

She would’ve never given herself the place she deserved.

They would’ve let people walk all over them.

She would’ve cried when yelled at.

They were that dreaded word, pushovers.

I guess anger changed that.

It changes how they view people and themselves.

When you are hurt,

You start to see people as potential hunters, trying to knock you down.

You see them as people you can’t fully trust.

Pain ends up erasing the innocence off people’s faces.

Anger makes you want to yell.

“Get out of my way. Don’t waste your time with me,” you say.

It makes you want to scare all these potential heartbreakers and life changers away.

How you go from a pushover to the one pushing people away?

Get hurt.

Get ridiculed.

Have someone break a piece of you.

Sad isn’t it?

Pulled Apart


They danced around like butterflies in a garden bush.

They held hands with hopes of never letting go.

They kissed in secret and vowed to one day tell the world.

Lovers pulled away by destiny and their own parents.

They messaged each other when they were alone.

Isolated themselves from their parents who just couldn’t understand true love.

So they lied, they said they were lonely.

But in reality, they were in love.

The stars spell out each other’s names to one another when they looked up in the sky.

Love was all they saw when they looked into each other’s eyes.

They met up every day when they had time to make up a lie.

They found their way to each other.

No matter the time.

Rain, snow, sleet, they managed to get a hug.

A hug that kept them going through the day.

Mom and dad pulled them apart.

But their love only kept growing.

Causing them to one day just run away…

A little poem for those who want to be with someone but life gets in the way.

We only live once, go after what you love and who you love ❤️🦋

The soul inside this body



Love was never my forte.
It took me years to realize that I was way more than just a body, but a soul.
A soul that wanted more than just a title, but true love.
I have always been a helpless romantic.
Looking for a soul to hold my hand.
A soul to share a story with.
Looking for that special someone to show me a different world.
But relationships have come and gone for me, like water drying up in 90-degree weather.
Feelings evaporate into gas.
Love has become nothing more than just a word.
As I said, Love is not my forte.
But all I hope is that someone will see the soul inside this body.