Brightness of light


The sun always shines brighter when I water the flowers on my head.

It shines brighter when I smile in the mirror and choose to see a better day.

In life I have two choices, to look at situations in a negative light or a positive one.

It’s easier said than done but it’s possible.

It’s possible to choose the brightness over the colorless.

The colorless is beautiful because I am alone in it. I can hear the chaos of everyday life but it’s muffled by my sorrow.

When I embrace the brightness of positivity, I can hear nothing more than the things that make me smile.

In life, I can choose to cry or pick myself up.

Sometimes I just have to water the flowers on the top of my head till the roots become pure and my thoughts embrace the brightness of the light.



Thinking you are not good enough is like falling down a big black hole. The more you think you are below others, the more you will end up being it.

What we say to ourselves and into the universe, we manifest. When you spend the day cursing life away, you are cursing your own self.

A wise person once told me, what you say, you bring to life. We have two choices in life, to see the world in a negative light, or with positivity.

What we chose to open our eyes with, defines how our day will go.

It took me a while, but I learned that open eyes looking into the future glow with a unique light. Always open your eyes to the better, to the bold, to the beauty we hold.

Manifest what you want, not what you hate. Manifest the beauty behind our closed eyes. Beauty hides in the most positive visions we have…

Free Brain= Smile on my face


My knowledge on life is based off everything I’ve lived. I’ve lived beautiful things but also encountered painful situations.

The thing about life is, you can either sit on your bed and drown in the negative, or count on the blessings in disguise.

I have come to the terms that my mind can be irrational, negative and catastrophic at times. That has done nothing but hold me back.

Try taking a test you studied for while thinking, “I am going to fail.” The mind goes blank. The mind freezes. That’s kind of what happens in life overall when you think negative.

The world freezes and all you see are gray clouds and rain. The sun disappears and so does the smile that was once on my face.

Self doubt is poison. Why judge everything we do or say? I decided I have to own my awkwardness, my irrational thinking and the embarrassing things I say or do everyday.

I got tired of creating my own hail storm everyday.

Clear mind equals free brain. Free brain equals peace. Peace equals maintaining that smile on my face.

Horray 2019 is on its way!


Hello  butterflies! 

Its been a while since I’ve written constantly on my blog. Most of the reason for this has been because I was super busy and stressed this semester with school. College just gets harder and harder each semester.

This semester one class I particularly dreaded and stressed the most over was Psych Statistics. I am not a math person. A person can ask me to count or add or subtract, and my mind feels like its doing jumping jacks. I have my final for this class Monday. Wish me luck. 

Now that I am on my winter break I have come up with a list of goals for the new year. They aren’t wild leaps but reasonable changes.

My first goal for 2019 is to meditate. I used to meditate, but that habit was distracted by the overwhelming schedule I had. I barely had time to focus on my mental well being — big mistake. No matter how busy or hungry you are for success, mental well being comes first. I need to find what will make me feel content and that is focusing on my emotional needs while on this journey for success.

Another goal I have for myself is to learn to be happy on my own. I have a habit of letting people overstay in my life because of fear of being alone. I learned that I am never alone. I have family, friends, and people in my life who actually care about me. That empty, alone feeling I have is much deeper than just being filled with people. It has to be filled with something only I can fill it with. I will work on that by finding what in life makes me happy. I know my writing does and so does music. So my goal is not only to not let people who suck the soul out of others overstay in my life but to work on my writing and my hobbies. 

My last goal is to maintain my body healthy. Being a college student can be overwhelming. It can make you feel out of control and busy. I learned that I could never be too busy to feed my body the beneficial nutrients and exercise it so I can be healthy mentally and physically.

These are just a few of my goals. I still have a major goal of finishing a book I am writing and publishing it. I know I can achieve it and I want you guys to know, so can you! 

Thank you for reading my work. May the new year enter beautifully and drama free. 

Sincerely, Una Mariposa.

Friday Fun


Good morning everyone.

I haven’t written on my blog for the past two days. I’ve just been extremely tired. I would come home and immediately fall asleep. At one point I asked myself, “is this life? No energy, no fun, just work.” I was fed up because my body was so drained.

I went to the doctors and got some blood work done to make sure my health is good. I get those back in a week.

This Halloween I didn’t get to do anything because I spent it at the doctor’s appointment and I had class the next day. The most I did was eat candy that my sister brought home and my dad as well.

The real fun for me was the day after Halloween. Two of my friends and I went to a restaurant called Joya.

It was amazing. Catching up with my girls and not stressing over school was a good feeling. We usually hang out on my college campus where we feel stressed and rushed. Last night we just decided to get dressed up and enjoy a nice meal.

This was my meal. I loved it. I got too full quickly so I had to take the rest home. They make their white rice and shrimp perfectly. The garlic sauce was amazing as well. It is located in Brooklyn New York.

The best part about last night is realizing how I have such great friends. Seeing them last night reminded me not to stress. I will graduate and I will get that diploma. No matter how many sleepless nights or days of my body being exhausted, I have to get through this semester.

I just have to make sure I do fun things with my friends in between 🙂.

Enjoy your day butterflies!

Remember, when stressed, come out of that routine for at least a day. Reality is and will always be more than just stress.