I Can, I am, I Will


I have had several years of wondering will I make it? Will I graduate? Will I get out of this toxic relationship? Will I find myself and love myself? Endless questions that sooner or later I answer. The answer is almost always, “yes.”

Now I know that when I ask myself will I, I know deep inside the “will I” becomes I do, I am or I can. It’s faith. Faith because I’ve learned everything eventually falls into place. My favorite thing about who I am now in life is that I don’t question my abilities.

I used to say, “I am not capable.” I’ve heard people tell me, “You are not capable.” I’ve heard people tell me, “You can’t do that.” I constantly prove people wrong, not for them but for me. The worst person to say, “You can’t do this,” is not them, it’s you.

What we tell ourselves is way more toxic than what others tell us sometimes. Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “I am ugly,” “I am not worthy.” It can kill the way you feel each time you see your reflection.

Turn will I, into I will, I do, I am. Keep the faith that things will fall into place. Years later, my life feels like its falling into place. Years later I know I am unbreakable.

Love yourself, believe in yourself.

Simply look in the mirror and say, “I can.”

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Thank you!

You make me feel


I have a feather in my heart.

Before it used to be a rock, but now my heart is as light as it’s ever been.

You make me feel like I am on a cloud.

Watching the world beneath me, enjoying the sounds of the cars below and the planes soaring by me.

You make me feel like the world makes sense.

You make me feel like the future is reachable and no longer too far away.

I start seeing the world in your hands.

Intertwined with mine.

I see the sunset in your eyes every time you smile.

The moon glistens in your soul.

I see the world become peaceful when in your arms.

You make me feel like a walking metaphor.

An artistic play on life.

You make me feel one hundred percent alive.

Something new


I have been wanting to do something new.

Maybe to feel a spark in me again, to feel like life is more than just a routine.

I got a piercing for the first time on my nose.

I wanted to feel young.

I am young but sometimes life makes me feel old.

Old in the sense that I don’t have fun as much as I should.

It’s hard to stop and breath while chasing dreams.

It’s hard to stop and breath when the world around you needs you to make it proud.

Sometimes I hold my breath and dive into things I don’t expect I’d do, so I can feel alive again.

Today was great, got a piercing.

Today was great, didn’t do homework.

Didn’t do work.

Today I just focused on having a little fun again.

Why can’t we chase our dreams while dancing and twirling along the way?

The only person stopping us from that is our own selves.

Advice from a butterfly


Don’t settle she said.

Be who you want to be.

Fly like a butterfly and show those bright wings.

Don’t hide in the darkness she said.

Ask the world for advice but teach yourself all about life.

Fly near the sun.

Let the heat bring you to life.

Defrost the coldness trapped in the heart.

Fly near danger but learn to adapt.

To survive.

To be free from birth to the end.

In life, don’t settle.



Open your wings and keep them open until the day you die…

Scared of the world


I don’t say a lot of what I feel.

Probably out of fear that no one would understand.

I dream big.

I have hope.

But something is always missing.

I wish for peace within me and this world.

To be accepted as who I am.

But only God knows I am the only person who needs to accept myself.

I carry my heart on my shoulder.

It’s visible to the world.

I don’t say a lot of what I feel.

In a way, I am just scared of the world…