Like a cloud


The world may seem like a dark shark infested system.

The sky is unreachable and untenable.

Dreams hang from the tears of desperate young souls who long for success.

It may seem like the world has many dead ends.

If you open your eyes and stare directly at the clouds, you’ll be able to catch your breath.

As the clouds roam the sky that we cannot touch, you are reminded that life is slower than we think.

We rush through everything because that’s how society has survived.

Run for the train, fast-paced jobs, and extreme anxiety keeps us on the edge.

But as you look in the sky, the slowness of the clouds drifting slows your mind a little, doesn’t it?

See, like the clouds we have the power to slow down.

To slower our heart rate by just closing our eyes and imagining that we already reached success.

Sometimes patience is all we need.

Don’t go in desperation for your dreams because life has a funny way of just pushing them farther.

If you do it slow but steady, you will reach them with a calmness in your soul that will prepare you for what you just obtained.

We are not sharks.

We are souls trapped in bodies.

Souls that long for success.

Souls that just like clouds, need to enjoy life with patience and steadiness.

A cloud makes it all over the world, in the slowest fashion but it has reached farther territory than any fast-paced bird.

Wild Dreams


In my wildest dreams.

I imagine the sun setting in front of me.

It’s hues and arrays of colors shining down on me.


I’ll stare at it and a star would fall down and I could touch it.

Take it home with me and keep it in my pocket.

Make a wish each time I feel alone.

In my wildest dreams, I’d meet the love of my life on a Ferris wheel.

My love would turn into that love I’ve never had and would eventually build a world with.

Carry my love’s picture in my pocket.

In my wildest dreams, I would solve the world’s problems.

Eradicate racism, classism, sexism and all the isms.

Feed everyone on the planet.

Care for the sick and the needy.

In my wildest dreams, the world would be a dream I would gladly never wake up from.

But the reality is all I know.

So I like to pretend the phone in my pocket is that lucky star, my love is somewhere searching for me, and the world,

Well, the world will hopefully one day grow.

But for now, I’ll dream, I’ll wish and I’ll do little things that help the world.

Maybe, just maybe, my wildest dreams will come true.