Forgiveness is something I’ve mastered through the years of turmoil I’ve experienced.

Being hurt in life can make you bitter. It can make you see the world through a dark lens.

It can make you live life under a cloud, being struck by lightning every five minutes.

Every time I saw your face or the past flashed before my eyes, I became bitter.

Getting hurt by another soul can leave you searching the world for an answer.

Why me?

Why do I just get chewed up and spit out by life?

Courage is taking the past by its horns and looking it right in its eyes and saying, I forgive you.

I forgive you destiny for putting hell right before me several times.

The fire burnt my skin but today my wounds heal.

I forgive those who hurt me because I won’t let the pain fester in me anymore.

Forgiveness to me means letting go of the pain but never forgetting.

Forgive but never forget.

For me being able to release my anger, the tension and pain in me meant my past could never hold me down the way it used to.

I say sorry for you. I learned only karma will one day teach you to say sorry.

I grew, I learned that being bitter is not and will never be my reality.

Forgive, never forget, but let go of the bitterness.

Only by saying, I forgive, was I able to focus on the future…