Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Today is a day where I usually reflect on what I am grateful for. I am grateful to be able to make it into another new year. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful that I can embrace the art of writing. I learned that creativity is a blessing in desguise.

The new year is almost here and I haven’t been more excited. I am excited to start 2019 because I have so much I want to explore and accomplish. Another year of life, another year for change.

I used not to take change well growing up. I used to feel down during the holidays because I dwelled on all the negative that has happened before Christmas day and new years. I decided that I no longer want to let the past define me.

I want to live in the now. I want to look forward to the future. The past has been a rollercoaster but I have the power to get off that ride and grow. I cant wait to have my dreams come true one day.

I want to let the world know that when you look forward, the world looks a little brighter. I am experiencing that right now. The past is good to look at to reflect and learn but I will no longer let it consume me.

Hope for the future. Keep on walking and forget to look back.

Through the lens of a child


I love October, November, and December.

I have so many memories associated with those months.

My first Halloween party was in preschool and guess what my mother dressed me up as.

A chicken.

I had the feathers and the chicken head.

I looked like a miniature big bird.

My mother says I picked that costume out.

That story always makes me laugh.

I threw up in my costume that day because I ate too much candy of course.

Even as a child I was prone to make my whole class stare at me.

I didn’t care though.

All that mattered was the candy I was bringing home.

That didn’t matter, I love when she tells me that story because It takes me back to a time where all I cared about in life was dressing up and candy.

November is great for me because when I was a child in school we would have Thanksgiving meals.

The parents would cook for us and we would have a smorgasbord of multicultural meals.

I would eat so much.

My mother on Thanksgiving would cook for us a Dominican styled meal.

The pernil, the Arroz de moro, the potato salad, and the list just keeps going.

Takes me back to a simpler time, when the family was united and the world wasn’t lost, at least for me at that time.

Christmas, oh boy.

I loved it because my family would get together, adults would drink some wine.

Us kids would drink juice, soda, and have lots of food.

The table would look beautiful with that big Dominican meal.

I would play holiday music all day long.

They had the holiday movie specials on t.v.

These are memories I will never forget.

These months bring memories to me that I adore.

This is a time in which the world stops being cynical and becomes innocent.

For the next three months, I’ll be a child in an adults body.

An adult looking through the lens of innocence…