Creative with makeup


Hey guys,

My best friend is really good at using her creativity with make up. She has always inspired me to get better at my make up. Not only is she a great person but she has so much talent with make up.

Here’s some of her work.

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She will be doing my makeup, I will post that up later on.

Follow her page and enjoy the many looks she creates with makeup 😊.

Beautiful in our own way


I used to think the only way I could be beautiful was by being the “ideal” woman. I thought having a small waist, and a goddess like body was ideal.

I thought I’d be less lonely, less insecure and less empty with that ideal body. Got tired of the crash diets, and crying when I looked in the mirror. These few women that society glorifies have this image that the majority of women just don’t pertain to.

Us women come in different shapes and sizes. We are all made of different genes, different features, different beautiful skin tones.

What we see glorified on t.v and what society tells us we should look like is something we need to fight against.

We all come in different sizes and in different varieties. Us women make the world go round and if someone can’t accept your beauty in its unique form, then show them what they are messing with.

Be strong, be unapologetic.

This is a reminder to the world and myself that being a woman is much more than our bodies. It’s our brains, our smiles, our goals, our personalities, the list is infinite.

The “ideal” woman is every woman.

We are all ideal in our own beautiful way.

Take it or leave it



I’ve always been after this ideal “beauty.”

Puckering up my lips to put on some red lipstick.

Putting accessories in my hair.

Opening my eyes wide to apply some mascara.

Always heard the phrase, “beauty hurts.”

Taught to straighten my hair because curls aren’t appreciated.

Taught that every hair on my body is an abomination.

Gross, you have hairy arms.

So I started removing them.

Been told that if you do not have a booty and the perfect tiny waist you are not enough for a man.

That was what I learned from shows, movies, men etc.

Now at the age I am today, I have built up the confidence I was missing at that time.

Listen, take me as I am.

I may not be tall, skinny, blond or close to what the “ideal” image is.

But isn’t who I am ideal enough?

I have inner and outer beauty.

My body is curvaceous.

My hair is full of life.

My face is smooth with or without makeup.

I am Gods creation.

My face shows a history.

Take me as I am.

No man or woman on this planet can ever tear me down because I look how I look and I love it.

I will forever love how I look.

Take it or leave it.

It’s your loss anyway.