Lately, life has been exciting for me. Had a long break from school. Celebrated the holidays with family. I explored, met friends and embraced my hobbies.

I have done a lot of thinking during this time of exploration and in a way freedom from routine. What will make me happy?

Happy is such a simple word but complex in definition. To be happy is many things to many people. For me, being happy is loving myself and life even with the flaws and the ups and downs. Happiness to me is my family and friends loving me back.

I noticed happiness comes and goes for me. When I am up, I am on top of the world, elated, loving myself and everything. When I am down, I forget happiness even exists.

Balance, it is everything when it comes to maintaining myself happy.

Anyways I guess what I’m trying to say is, life is about balance. It is about keeping your head up high and never forgetting what puts a smile on your face.

For way too long my happiness was based on othappy, approval and acceptance. The only person who needs to accept me is me.

For years, I struggled with being the perfect daughter. The perfect friend, the perfect human being.

That is not what happiness should be, at least for me. Happiness is me doing whatever I want to my hair. Happiness is a flannel shirt and some plain jeans and my trusty hat and black sneakers. Happiness is me singing to songs that relate to me.

Happiness is more than a smile. Happiness is whatever it means to me. That word happiness is personal. It is whatever resonates with you.

No approval or perfection will ever make my heart beat like me being me does.