I started seeing the world a little brighter when I realized I have a voice.

A voice that is unique, important and lovable.

I thought for a long time that my opinions didn’t matter. Never stood up for myself.

I let the world walk all over me if like I didn’t exist.

When you don’t give yourself a place amongst others, it’s just as bad as disappearing into a cloud of mist.

If you don’t scream, voice, yell, tell, ask, speak, everything will just be silence.

I didn’t want to live in silence anymore.

I was living in my own thoughts, wondering why I couldn’t voice what the world needed to know.

I lived in a world where I just never defended myself.

When I spoke and decided to be me. To stand up for myself, to put me in a place higher than before… the world made sense.

I am not someone who can be walked on.

I don’t have to walk on eggshells.

I am me.

A beautiful, loving, curly-haired human being.

And if I must yell, ask, tell, scream, converse, speak, I will.

My voice matters and so does yours…