The best thing you ever had


Sometimes we feel alone in the company of those we love most.

We’re alone not physically but spiritually.

We crave their attention in ways they can just not give to us.

Some days I sit in front of my window and wonder what have I done to constantly be a world wonder to people.

They come to to visit me, admire my beauty and then leave after admiring me.

Just like these world wonders, tourists take all the pictures they can, but at the end of the day, they are still outside in the rain.

That’s why I’m cautious about who comes in and who I decide to not ignore.

Some may call me heartless.

I call it I’ve been hurt.

When a woman gets rained on day after day. She grows tired.

But for a reason, people entered my life and for a reason, they didn’t stay long.

Although they may not believe it. I have changed. No longer will I be a toy.

I am not a doll you can call pretty and play with for a day.

I am more than just a beautiful face.

I am and will always be a strong independent woman.

I don’t need you to pay anything for me.

I don’t need you to remind me of who I am.

Because when you have been hurt so many times, you have no choice but to be a strong woman.

I am and will always be the best thing any of you have ever had.