What we hide from the world


I can’t deny there are some things I desire. I desire love, affection, and care. I desire to feel wanted. I desire to feel complete but only I can complete myself.

I stay off social media because all you see are people who are happy. Couples who look in love, babies, promotions, graduations, the list can go on.

It’s so blinding that I sometimes forget nothing is ever all positive. Maybe that couple is miserable. Maybe that family isn’t perfect, maybe just maybe that smile in that selfie isn’t real.

I built up so many expectations for myself on where I should be in life. Life simply can’t be planned out. It never goes how we want it.

I have secrets and sorrows but so does everyone else. They just mask it the same way I mask mine on social media.

We live in a world of fake smiles, fake pictures. It’s a technological world. Where selfies and statuses fog up the screen. We live in a world of likes and emojis.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s all just a wall, masking what we try to hide from the world.