Glasses aren’t so bad


Hello guys!

Today was a good day. I bought some new glasses. Funny story, I originally went to get a contacts exam done on me. I chickened out.

1) I wasn’t going to get contacts because I wanted them, it was because I thought people would like me better without glasses. Yes, it’s an insecurity of mine. 2) I chickened out because I thought about having to touch my eyes and I got scared.

There’s a reason why I’m scared of touching my eyes. When I was little I was cutting paper with adult scissors and my little brother jumped next to me on the couch and I scratched my eyeball. It was horrible, I couldn’t look up for a week or two, had to use eye drops for a while and the sun hurt my eye bad.

That’s one reason why now I am super cautious with my eyes. The thought of putting something in my eyes or touching my eyeball freaked me out. Last minute I changed my mind and said I’ll just purchase new glasses instead. Ones that will make me feel confident.

I found the best pair. I felt pretty and I said to myself, “why wouldn’t people like me just cause of glasses.” I combated the negative thought of “Glasses make me ugly,” with a positive one and said, “I need them to see! Who cares what anyone thinks. I am beautiful.”

Sometimes we have to be a little conceited about ourselves. It’s necessary to see the beauty in us. We may not like one aspect of ourselves but there are thousands of other things we can look at and say, ”Wow, I love this about myself.”

As I am writing this under a hairdryer while getting my hair done, I am thinking, how blessed I am that I can afford glasses. How blessed I am that I can see with glasses.

Got to change the negative thinking into positive thinking. Remember that my butterflies. I know it’s hard to do, trust me I’ve gotten stuck in a cycle of negativity. When you do succeed in destroying those thoughts, the world becomes a brighter place and a new story.

Sincerely una mariposa.