From pushovers to pushers


Three years ago he would’ve never stood up for himself.

She would’ve never given herself the place she deserved.

They would’ve let people walk all over them.

She would’ve cried when yelled at.

They were that dreaded word, pushovers.

I guess anger changed that.

It changes how they view people and themselves.

When you are hurt,

You start to see people as potential hunters, trying to knock you down.

You see them as people you can’t fully trust.

Pain ends up erasing the innocence off people’s faces.

Anger makes you want to yell.

“Get out of my way. Don’t waste your time with me,” you say.

It makes you want to scare all these potential heartbreakers and life changers away.

How you go from a pushover to the one pushing people away?

Get hurt.

Get ridiculed.

Have someone break a piece of you.

Sad isn’t it?