The thing about breakups is that you feel as if your world is ending when they happen.

Your heart breaks a little. It tears up and lets this toxic gas flow through your body. A gas that fills you with negativity.

You start wondering, was I not enough? What did I do wrong? Why… Why… Why?

Your eyes become fogged up by the sadness of losing someone out of your life. Sometimes that’s the reason we keep running back. Back to someone who doesn’t deserve us. Someone who doesn’t truly love us.


We mourn the loss of a lover. That’s why we are sad. We got so used to their company, even if it was bad. We got used to the routine we’ve created by their side.

If you think about it, once we stop mourning that loss we realize how blinded we were by the fog.

We don’t miss them, we miss the company and routine.

A breakup hurts, but it will teach you to love your own company.

Breakups suck.

We mourn.

We lose someone.

But we can never lose our own selves.

No matter what, we have to learn to be our own company sometimes…