White Butterly


Every time I see a butterfly I take it as a sign from my grandmother. She passed away when I was 15.

I have given her the title of my guardian angel ever since she passed away. I feel like every time I am in a difficult situation she is there guiding me somehow.

My world has been a rollercoaster for years, but one thing I am proud of is that I keep on going, loving and trying hard.

Lately, my biggest motivation has been the future. I have a lot of hope for my dreams coming true soon.

Have hope for my career, my academics, and my health. Have hope that one day, my butterfly/guardian angel will be proud of me.

These past two weeks have taught me a lot.

1) I learned that when sorrow pushes you, you fight it right back. I could’ve stayed in bed all day and let it consume me, but honestly what good would it do for me?

The benefits of fighting back are that eventually, you will win that fight. You will be victorious and when you look in the mirror, you know that you survived a battle with yourself.

Sometimes the hardest battles are within ourselves.

2) I learned that goals take time. I get very anxious when it takes a while to achieve my goals. I want to lose weight, I want to feel good both physically and mentally, I want to graduate, want to have a book published. I can keep going on with this list. I have to stop and tell myself that all takes time. I am only 22 years old.

If anything, we all gotta stop and look at the things we’ve accomplished so far. Things happen and come at the right time. Goals take time.

3) I learned that meditation is key. When dealing with stress, meditation comes in handy. Taking that time in the day to focus on your mental well being is key. Key to a better existence. Healthy mind, healthy body.

4) Things will come when you least expect them. I’ve had my heart broken a couple times. Sometimes I feel lonely and think I’ll never find that right person. But once again, things will come when you least expect them. If you think positive things, that’s what you will attract. I have witnessed this from time to time.

These are just a few things I’ve been reminded off these two weeks. Two weeks in which have been up and down for me. Sometimes during the hardest weeks is when we are reminded the most of these four few things. The beauty of it all is that I saw a white butterfly today fly by me. It may not be, but I like to think it was my grandmother reminding me I am on the right path.

Have a great night!

Remember you can do it!

Sincerely una mariposa