Healthy Love


When I watch love stories or read about them, I am reminded of the lack of romance in my life right now.

I’ve had plenty of lovers and romance.

But it’s as if my life has taken a break from that.

I’ve never been single for so long. Always had a love interest or someone after me.

But things have changed, my standards have blossomed because I won’t settle for less anymore.


A feeling that used to make me accept nothing but less in my life.

Had me running back to exes who never deserved me.

Had me looking for love in the wrong places.

Until I realized that being lonely isn’t a reason to settle for less, to look for love in the wrong places because it’s easier.

When I started giving myself the attention I always got from others, I realized, yes when I see a couple or read a romance novel, I may feel lonely.

But it’s good to feel lonely because then you can comfort your own self, get to know your own self.

When you realize you deserve better, feeling lonely is an accomplishment.

Accomplishment because you have learned it’s better being alone than in bad company.

It’s better to be patient for respect.

Be patient for healthy love.

It’s better.

It’s better.

It’s better.