From the girl you used to know


This is a letter from the girl you used to know.

The girl you used to see in the mirror.

The broken child you used to be.

This is a letter from the shy child who never spoke up.

Never said anything about her sorrows, and had secrets.

This is from the girl you used to be.

Now you are a woman.

I am proud of who you are.

It’s amazing knowing that one day I won’t be shy.

That one day, I’ll have friends who actually love me.

That one day I’ll have countless lovers through time who teach me about myself and life.

It’s amazing knowing one day I will make writing my life.

I will be motivated to keep, you know, living.

This is a letter from the child that still is inside you.

She cries some days and that’s why you feel your heart aching.

You have done a good job at trying to heal me.

You have healed me to some extent, still, need some work.

Things you still haven’t dealt with I suppose.

Thank you.

Thank you for working through the obstacles and the anxiety.

The ups and downs and the inner hideous people who we’ve encountered.

To the woman I am now, how did I ever get to be such a bold woman.

Such a strong woman.

How were you ever the girl you used to be?