Better Health Journey


Hey my butterflies,

A little update on my better health journey, it’s a success so far. I have lost some weight and its noticeable. I am so proud of myself. Let me tell you guys a couple changes I’ve made in my life.

1) Food- I hate to admit it but I used to overeat when I was stressed or feeling undesired emotions. I could be crying and the first thing I would do was go to the fridge, look for something to eat. I had this unhealthy dependency on soda as well. Whenever I was upset, soda was my escape. I am an emotional eater. Now my life has completely done a 180. My desire for better health has made me super strong. Now when I am emotional I don’t go to the fridge, I haven’t touched a soda bottle in weeks. What I do is write, draw, take pictures, go for walks, anything that can distract my mind. My mind has become so focused on this goal of better health that my body is stronger than my emotions at this point in my life. I do fear I’ll revert back to eating unhealthy when I get really stressed later on in the semester. I have faith in myself though that I will stay strong.

2) Exercise- Oh boy, yes, exercise. I am going, to be honest, I loved working out back in high school. I was always petite and skinny individual as a child. I was super healthy. I ran, I was a star student in my yoga class, winning competitions left and right. After high school, I went through a couple of painful events and an unhealthy relationship and it all went downhill from there. I no longer had mandatory gym or yoga classes because I was no longer in a high school. I no longer was motivated to attempt these things on my own. Started eating horribly and emotionally. Next thing I knew I went from being a 100-pound woman to an almost 150-pound woman. I just gave up. Exercise to me now feels like torture because its painful for me. My lungs feel like they are going to explode. I have exercise-induced asthma. It’s super annoying but guess what, nothing is stopping me! My sister is my biggest motivator, she helps me work out at home, she gets me to go to the gym. I am blessed to have a sister who wants me to be healthy both physically and mentally. I have gone back to doing yoga. Reminds me of why I loved it so much in high school, it’s peaceful. I used to weight almost 150, now months later I am 125. Proud of myself.

3) Doctors help- I have a couple of health issues. I have a liver problem, I have asthma, I have high blood pressure and lastly PCOS. I have been so blessed to have met doctors who helped me so much. I am on natural medicine, vitamins, and a few other medications. My doctors have given me recommendations, and advice that has actually helped me out immensely. Next month I go back to check my liver again. Ultrasound and blood work. I really hope that with this weight loss and my habits changing, my lab work will show improvement. For my PCOS, I have already felt great effects thanks to my better health journey. I don’t call it a weight loss journey because it’s not just about losing weight, it’s about better health. For those who do not know what PCOS is I will make a post about it in a later blog.

If you are thinking of joining a better health journey, listen to me, you can do this. You will not regret changing those habits that keep you stuck in the same place for a long time. I was once stuck. Stuck in this cycle of self-sabotaging my self because of inner pain I just wasn’t healing from. Let yourselves heal.

You can do this.

Thanks for reading my blog guys.

Sincerely, una mariposa