Heart versus Mind.


I am at a place in life where what my mind wants makes sense but what my heart desires, I detest.

My heart gets lonely but my mind reminds me I am not alone.

I am at a place where I can acknowledge I’ve lived a life where I pursue what’s deteriorating for me but I will stay away because I learned how to value my mind over emotions.

My emotions have betrayed me for way too long.

Used to make many mistakes because I was lonely, or because my emotions were too intense.

Used to be thrown in a pit full of lions because of my own wrongdoings.

I said, enough. Threw my heart away. Threw it far away because I’ve been hurt too many times to respect genuine emotions.

Got sick of letting my common sense escape reality because I fell in this pool of emotions and fantasy.

The heart wants what it wants. The mind gets what it deserves.

The heart fight for love. The mind fights for respect.

My heart tells me I am lonely. But my mind says I just need to grow…