Morning thoughts 💭 Normal is just a word


I have become aware that society likes to tear each other down as if we aren’t all just trying to live.

Any little thing a woman does is the center of attention. God forbid we make a mistake, we become a bad example. We become less of a woman. Sometimes it isn’t just men tearing us down. Us women tear each other down.

Society created these standards of what we should be like. Excuse me? Aren’t we all supposed to be ourselves. Fitting a certain mold defies the purpose of you know, living.

I like being myself. I am not going to dress a certain way or live my life a certain way because history has told us, women, we have to live a certain way.

The point of all this is, I hope one day we can stop tearing each other down. I don’t know why but us human beings enjoy ridiculing or judging way too much.

Maybe it is something we were programmed to do for centuries. Sometimes repeating history isn’t the best.

I hope one day we women can uplift each other.

No, I will not fit the ”norm” because as I’ve said before in prior posts, normal is just a word.