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brown concrete buildings

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My goals are so important, that I will not stop till I reach them. My 20’s are a time of exploration, fun times but also preparation. I want to one day be the woman I always dreamed I could be.

I have faced many hardships in my life but now that I am an adult, I have learned so much from my teens that I know I am capable of doing what I put my mind towards.

I am not wasting my time on things that will just set me back because as a woman, and as a Latina, I have to show the world how capable I am.

I want to make a difference on this planet. I want to one day leave my writing behind for my great-grandchildren but also for the many people out there who are running out of hope and confidence.

The city I live in is full of broken dreams and broken promises. People walk these streets with five dollars in their pockets and weights on their shoulders. I know people who struggle, who fight hard for a better life.

I am not rich, but I have a roof over my head. My parents always made sure I was fed. There was no missing school. I may not have had it all but I had what mattered. People who love me and want to see me flourish.

I grew up in the city that never sleeps. One day a bullet passed right by my friend and I. That’s what children in my neighborhood experience, violence, and stray bullets breaking the window and going through your wall.

As a woman who came from parents who worked their butts off for me to go to college, who did not grow up in the tourist-friendly parts of New York, I can tell you this, we have stories and we will change the world.

We will one day turn these brick buildings into a better tomorrow. Turn chaotic streets into a safe haven. The blessing that comes with coming from the bottom is that once you reach the top, no one can bring you down. Our stories are worth more than we could ever think.