Why I Am Studying Psychology

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Why do I appreciate therapy so much and want to become a therapist?

I get that question asked a lot and honestly, my answer is because I personally know it can work for some people, like myself.

I say some people because yes I am aware for some people therapy isn’t as life-changing as for others. I can not speak for a whole bunch of people when I am only one.

Another reason is I want to help. I have a great therapist and I want to be just like her.

The world has this misconception that if you go to therapy you are automatically crazy.

Let me challenge that notion,

So, are you crazy for wanting to talk to someone because you are stressed?

Because you lost your mother, father, brother, etc.

Because you just got out of a bad relationship or need help getting out of one.

Tell me, even if the factor is that you have a psychiatric disorder, why would that make you “crazy.”

People throw the word crazy out there if like it is a real thing.

No, crazy isn’t real.

Crazy is a word I’ve learned is just another way of putting people down.

There are people who need help, who are going through a battle we unfortunately can see or in some cases cannot see.

But throw the word crazy out of your vocabulary as used to refer to people who seek therapy.

Why discourage someone from wanting a healthier life?

Another word I want to touch on is “normal” is not a word I like either.

Tell me, what makes you any more “normal” than the man or woman next to you seeking therapy.

I prefer the word baseline to refer to a person who is “normal”.

The whole concept of normal is to refer to someone who is at a baseline where they can function in society.

We are all unique but never normal, just at a baseline where we can in a sense function in society.

At the end of the day, mental health is something we can not ignore, but we surely can not discriminate against people who need therapy or choose therapy to better their way of functioning in this world.

So if you ask me why I want to become a therapist, I will repeat it once more,

Because I’ve personally seen how much life can be enhanced by the right therapist entering your life and because mental health needs to be advocated for.

The world still has a long way to go.