Best of Two Worlds


On rainy days like these, I think about that year I spent in the Dominican Republic.

I get a glimpse of my classmates who were 12 and 13 at the time, dancing in the rain.

I will always say, that island is my home away from home.

My permanent home is In the U.S.A because it’s where I made my life, English is the language I speak better.

My whole world has been created in this country.

The Dominican Republic is my home away from this concrete home.

New York City is a dimension you will never see on my island.

The people, the foods, the vibe is just different.

My Island is this place I visit when I need to get away from bricks and loud noises.

Get away from snow and hail.

When I am on my island, my inner child is content.

My best memories are at my home away from home.

My first kiss, my first time riding a bike.

My first time being able to see the stars.

Climb a tree to get fruits.

Riding a motorcycle.

Seeing family I would never get to see if I didn’t get on that 4 hour plane ride.

Rainy days like these remind me of my home away from home.

My home home, the place I know I will one day hopefully die of old age in, is the United States.

It’s where I made friends since high school.

It’s where I have grown mentally and physically.

It’s where I am accustomed to the cultures and the T.V channels.

I love it.

I get the best of two worlds.