Good Morning!


(Put a picture of me smiling because that’s how I feel, like a smile blessing a face that has been sad for too long!)

Hello my butterflies,

As you guys may have seen, I haven’t written as often lately.

Well, guys its because the dreaded college classes are back 😩. I have not been looking forward to going back mainly because the bus ride there is long, the train ride is even longer, that’s why I take the bus.

Although I had an intense fear of my classes, they turned out to be really good! The professors are amazing this semester.

In 4 out of my 5 classes the teachers made us introduce yourself to the classmates. I hate that. I am super shy and this year my anxiety has been off the roof. So this simple task of saying my name, major, why I took the class and a hobby of mine kills me.

But guess what! I did it. With my heart beating fast and my voice about to shake I did it. My goals for this year is to 1) of course pass my classes but 2) Also find myself, be happy.

I will put myself out there to make my shyness less. Don’t get me wrong, I talk when I have to and I make friends but I am not an assertive person and I overreact internally when I do something awkward. I am my biggest enemy at times.

Yesterday I came home and was telling myself, ”Can I really do this?”

My answer to myself is yes I can. Sure, yesterday that wasn’t my answer but today I realized I will make it. I will reach my goals and aspirations.

Being a college student is all about accepting yourself but also building more and cooler aspects to yourself each day. I learn about myself every semester.

It’s time I stop letting the anxiety break me down. I keep my cool externally. Internally not so much. It’s time I change that.

I have a class today at 12:50.

Wish me luck guys, it’s psych statistics.

I hope you all have been just as motivated as I am this morning.

As to my eating better and exercising I have been doing great. I learned I make great salads, I love fish and removing dairy has my body feeling great.

I exercise every night. Hoping school doesn’t tire me out and I give up on doing my exercises but gotta remind myself, no negative affirmations, just positive ones!

Everything looking good guys. I am hopeful my health will get better, hopeful I pass my classes and hopeful I make new friends!

Have a great morning!

Sincerely, una mariposa