My Journey


Today I am feeling super proud of myself. I’ve had my days where I was not motivated and just gave up on this journey but I have become aware that what we put in our minds will be the outcome we attract. I’ve watched a couple motivational videos and I am going to share them with you guys.

The videos were my wake up call. The crazy thing is I didn’t even search for this video, It showed up on my YouTube suggested videos. I like to think it was my grandmother, my Mariposa who passed away that put those videos in my way.

Now I agree, what we put in our minds, we attract. For years I have been saying, “I will not achieve this.” Or, “This will go wrong.” Guess what, 90 percent of the time those negative phrases I said in my head made everything 100 times more difficult and worse.

I started saying in my mind that life will be awesome. I will make it. I will lose weight and I will be healthy. Since changing my outlook on how important what I tell myself is, I have been feeling like a brand new woman.

I have been cooking my meals and making sure they are healthy. Making sure I stay away from soda (my addiction). I have even been working out and trust me, working out is horrible for me sometimes because of my asthma.

I learned that affirmations are super powerful. Before I leave my house I say in my head at least 5 to 10 times, “I will be safe.” Living in my area is not the safest place there is. I worry some days that something will happen to me. But I have learned that is just the anxiety in me trying to stop me from enjoying my self. Anxiety is so powerful. We can either let it consume our whole life, which I was doing for a while. Or we can fight it as hard as we can. Some day’s we may not win against it but its a work in progress.

I feel ready to take on the world. Watch these videos and hopefully it can affect you guys the same way they did to me.

Sincerely, Una Mariposa.