How Much I’ve Changed



Look of the day! When I was 12 I started wearing eyeliner because of the cool girls. They would ask me constantly, ”why don’t you wear eyeliner?”

I wanted to show them my parents didn’t rule my life or were strict so I begged my mom and she said, yes you can wear some eyeliner

Let me tell you my butterflies, my eyeliner technique was horrible. I looked like a raccoon. I wore bright lipstick and then there was high school.

High school, my make up got a little better. I learned how to make my eyeliner line super smooth. I learned how to wear lipsticks and lip glosses that went well with my skin tone.

Now that I am in my 20’s I learned that foundation is a must and eyeliner has to be elegant. I learned that less is more and that light colors accentuate my lips more.

For all the girls out there who just discovered makeup. It’s an ever-changing process and it’s not to make you beautiful! Makeup is for fun and if you love it, do it! If you want to be natural don’t fall into peer pressure.

I fell into peer pressure and later realized, I love makeup.

But for some, it may not be the case.

Just be you.

If you are a make up girl like me, check out my best friends page.

Her page is new but she inspires me so much with my make up!