Now one of the greatest things about being my age is that I can do the things I used to dream of doing with my friends.

Yesterday my best friend and I went to a bar and this isn’t my first time in a bar, but it’s the fact that we always discussed going to bars together and going out dancing when we were teenagers.

We had so many goals of living it up as an adult. Yes, we are living it up. Every birthday we go somewhere cool. I have gone dancing, I have gone out on adventures since I’ve entered my 20’s.

But one big thing we realized is that adulthood is way more than just adventures, cool drinks or getting into places we couldn’t enter before. It’s this freedom we gain but also the freedom to learn so much.

I am no longer at the mercy of my parent’s mistakes but of my own. I mean back them my own mistakes had power but now they affect me even more.

The future holds so much and in a glimpse of the eye, I see it. I see myself walking down the stage getting my masters diploma. I see myself being healthy, I see myself one day farther along having a family.

What I do now, is what will bring me the things I want. My whole point in writing this is, yes entering your 20’s is amazing but it’s a big time to learn about life. To learn about who you are.

Enjoy it. Don’t rush it. Do not feel like you’re running out of time.

Live it, one bar at a time, but also one dream being fulfilled at a time.

Sincerely, una mariposa