Excerpt from my story “Guardian Angel”

black and gray angel statue decor

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Pexels.com

It was a time of puffy coats, chilly air, and stuffed noses. One month left until the end of the fall semester. I was out with my boyfriend at the time, David. He took me out to a restaurant in 42nd street. He was a horrible boyfriend but enjoyed taking me out to eat. We were arguing back and forth our whole train ride there. He said as we got off the train. “You are being a bitch, why don’t you shut your mouth and listen to me for once?” He thought I was cheating on him with a classmate. The day before, my classmate Austin texted me to discuss the final group presentation for my anthropology class. Of course, David would unlock my phone without asking for permission and question why I was talking to Austin. David was an egotistical jerk with low self-esteem. I failed to realize how badly he treated me. Well, I did realize he wasn’t treating me right, but my eyes were blinded by loneliness. The reality of it was I stood around with him because I felt lonely and isolated at that point in my life. At this point in my life, I understand the only reason I stayed with him for so long was that he was giving me something I always craved, attention. I was a lonely 21-year-old. I lost all my friends because of him. He found ways to make me so lonely, the only “friend” I had was him.
As we sat in the restaurant I begged him to stop arguing with me. I felt like I was about to burst and just yell at him in front of everybody, but I had to remind myself, I am not like him. I calmly tried to explain to him that I can have friends other than him. He called me irrational for sharing my feelings and saying he was being jealous. I got up from the table and said I was going to the bathroom. I almost went into the bathroom but instead just walked out of the restaurant. I needed to cool off without having the risk of him following me. I was accustomed to him following me when I needed my space. I stood outside the restaurant trying to get the strength to be strong and break up with this jerk.
Suddenly, a handsome man, wearing a black coat walks up to me and says, “I know what you need.” I said, “Excuse me?” I was prepared to scream for help. He said, “Calm down. Not trying to sell you drugs. I know what your heart needs. That jerk in there is not going to give you what it needs.”
In a perplexed voice, I asked, “What do you mean? I don’t know you.” He waved his hand and said, “Watch this.” As soon as he put his hand back down, time stopped. The clouds, the trees, the people, the cars, everything stopped moving. I panicked and yelled, “What are you?” I’ve seen way too many scary movies to not think the worst. He reassured me he was my guardian angel. I believed in that kind of stuff. I, in the last couple of months, had been trying to get signs from my guardian angel on what to do with my life.
I had two failed jobs, quit because I would let stress and anxiety get the best of me. I had no money, school was stressing me out and my boyfriend was no help. He said, “I am here to make a deal with you.” I said, “This is the sign I have been asking for, you exist. What is the deal.”
He smiled and said, “All you have to do is shake my hand. I will give you everything your heart desires if you agree to become immortal.” I began to think of the money, the friends, passing my classes, a job I can handle, my mother getting better with her health. I was about to shake his hand, but I realized something strange, “Why do you want me to become immortal?” He placed his fist in front of me and opened his hand, a glowing purple flame illuminated from his palm “Every couple of years, I make one human being immortal, in return for some extra power. I lose power if I don’t give power in return. Just trust me. I can give you everything you desire, and you will never die.”
I hesitated, but he finished the proposal with something I couldn’t refuse. “If you agree, and shake my hand right now, I will cure your mother of her sickness. I know how much longer she has. The doctors are going to tell her next week that the cancer is back. I can stop that from happening. She only has two more months left. Do you want her to die now, or let her live a long life so she can see your children grow one day?”
My heart started beating faster, “No… Not my mother. I can’t live without her. It’s a deal.” I shook his hand. I felt a surge of energy flow through my hand and into my body. He smiled and said, “I knew you would pick the right choice. Now go back in there and get rid of that jerk. Good things will come. As soon as you wake up tomorrow you will feel the difference.”
I thanked him and started to ask, “Will I see you again,” but he disappeared right before my eyes. The cars started moving, the people and 42nd street became alive again. I felt so confident, I walked into the restaurant and said to David, “David, do you prefer I say it here in front of everyone or outside of the restaurant? Your choice.” He looked at me confused and said, “Whatever you have to say you can say it right here.” I smiled and said, “It’s over.”
He got up and quickly began telling me how no one will ever love me the way he does and how he is my only true friend. “Blah blah blah. Whatever, I had enough of your bullshit. You have disrespected me, caused me to cry and emotionally abused me for the last time.” I picked up my drink and poured it on his head. “Good luck. Peace out.” I walked out. He yelled, “You stupid bitch.” I blew him kissy faces as I walked away and the whole restaurant just stared at him as he tried to dry his shirt and face.
While on the train home I felt so alive, so powerful. I felt free. I’ve broken up with him before but this time it was different because I had no sadness, or the intense urge to get back with him. As I waited for the train, I blocked his number, his Facebook, his Instagram and erased all our photos. When I got home, my mother was watching the news. “Eva, how did the date go?” I sat next to her and joyously said, “I showed him who’s boss mommy.” I told her what I did, and she scolded me at first for making a scene in front of people like that but then she congratulated me. “I’ve been telling you for two years to leave him. I learned that only you could make that decision and nothing I would say mattered. I am glad you finally opened your eyes.” I was about to tell her about my encounter with my guardian angel, but I knew she would never believe me. So, I just said, “Mommy great things are going to happen.”