We can do it!


Good morning butterflies,

I realized I haven’t updated you guys on my weight loss journey. Well, this week I have been a little stressed about certain things in my life. So honestly I haven’t been as strong when it comes to getting out of my house and working out.

I am writing this because I want to be honest. If you are someone who right now is going through intense stress or depression, and cannot get out of bed to work out, DO NOT let it bring you down even worse. You will overcome the sadness. It just takes a little patience and faith that one day you will be able to genuinely smile again.

Although I haven’t gone to the gym, I have taken initiative in my own home. I do yoga. I do a workout alone in my room. I force myself. My biggest motivation is my health, not to be skinny, not to fit in. I want to live a long time.

It is all about motivating yourself a little more each day. Trust me, I go through the depression and the anxiety and going outside is the last thing on my mind. So, I bring the gym to me. When I feel a little more motivated I do it in the privacy of my room.

Do not be discouraged my butterflies who are going through a hard time in life. You guys will get out of bed, you guys will destroy that anxiety monster we all detest. You guys will reach your weight loss goals! I am on this journey with you guys.

Sincerely, Mariposa