Black and Blue


I am not pink and purple inside.

I am black and blue.

Cut me open and the darkness in me will resonate in the room.

I am black and blue because of the mistakes I’ve made.

I am black and blue because every scar has unfortunately stayed.

I am not the woman you see in pictures and social media.

I am black and blue.

Black and blue because I have been hurt, I have made mistakes that left me blue inside.

You are black and blue, they are black and blue, we are black and blue.

To say you have no injury on your heart is a blessing but many of us do.

I am black inside because of the times I’ve been lost with no light in sight.

Blue inside because I’ve cried more than you would guess.

We are in a pitch-black tunnel, trying to make it out and see the blue sky.

I am not perfect.

No one is.

To say you have never felt darkness inside would make me wonder, what type of entity are you?

I am flawed, you are flawed, we are flawed.

We all have scars.

We all have black and blues.