Simply, My Story


I’ve creatively taken the world by my hands.

Turned it into masterpieces and photographs.

Turned pain into paintings and sorrow into novels.

I’ve turned everything I’ve lived into my future bibliography.

I already have a plan that when I’m a grandmother, my grandchildren will read my story.

Pass down my worlds from one another.

And if I don’t have children, then may my worlds be somewhere on the desk of a woman like me who writes because it sets her free.

May my story be something that shows a person like me that emotions are fuel for power.

All I want is to show the world that writing isn’t useless.

How is it useless when you can share a whole worth of years in your writing. Share the essence of what’s life to you with your words.

Share your story if you know it will set you free.

Show it through art, through spoken or written words, through accomplishments.

Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes, or the obstacles you have faced.

We all have a story.

Some are ugly.

Some are painful.

May I one day be proud enough of myself that I can show the world who I am.

What I am about.

What I’ve been through.

Simply, my story.