Airplane Rides


I love airplane rides.

Just the thought of getting on one is exciting to me.

I guess because once I’m on them, I realize I am going somewhere far.

Somewhere different and I end up feeling free.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city and its bright lights at night.

But sometimes a change of scenery is all I need.

In a way, I love to escape.

Escape the daily routine.

Escape the stress, any drama.

I just want a couple of weeks or days to be free.

Being on an airplane reminds me of all those trips I took to the Dominican Republic growing up.

Reminds me of my grandmother who may she rest in peace.

Reminds me of coming home to her, and a big meal would be awaiting my siblings and me.

Her hugs, her words of wisdom.

I get on an airplane and still think she’ll be there.

In our small town, waiting, waving as she sees the car pull up.

I love traveling.

I love being up in the sky.

I always say I’ll be the cool aunt who visits her nieces and nephews and then goes traveling the world for another couple of months.

The higher I am, the better I dream…