A little journal entry


Yesterday I went to watch the movie slender man with my best friend. The movie I saw online didn’t have good reviews but my best friend and I loved it.


We were actually at the edge of our seats the whole movie. It was in my opinion scary. It reminded me of the movie It because of this whole concept of seeing things others can’t see.

Their reality was altered. It’s as pretty intense. Some scenes were creepy because of the way they altered peoples faces throughout the movie. I would recommend the movie, especially if you have heard of slender man before.

Crystal and I joked after the movie that slender man would come get us next. Heck no, I don’t know what I’d do if that was my reality.

We got to the movies extremely early, not on purpose we just didn’t map out our timing right.

We bought our snacks, and just waited for them to let us in the theater. In the meantime, we talked. We talk about anything with each other. I vent to her and she gives me advice. I do the same for her. That’s been my best friend since high school. We’ve grown so much and no matter what different paths we both take, we still remain close.

That was my day yesterday. Today I have been focusing on spending time with my mom. Doing the usual chores.

I let down my hair today and I realized how much I love my curls.

My hair is naturally curly. I straighten it here and there. As soon as water falls on my head, my curls come to life.

I had times in my life that I hated my hair. Wanted to have straight hair because I thought it would be easier to manage.

Curly hair is beautiful but let me tell you, you have to take good care of it. Avoid constant heat to it so you won’t lose your curls, my curls get tangled easily and quickly as well. I’ve broken combs with my hair.

I used to be made fun off for my hair. Which I find idiotic now in my life but as a child, what people said to me mattered way too much.

I used to have super long hair. The best thing I did was cut my hair. It’s so full of life now.

Now that I am an adult, I love my hair just the way it is. It’s my heritage, curls and dark hair comes from my mother and the women before her.

It reminds me of the beautiful curly haired people I see on my island.

Reminds me of my family. My island and that I am beautiful just the way I am.