Motivation is key


Hello, my butterflies!

One of my goals is to exercise more. I have months where I am super productive with exercising, but some months I am extremely unproductive with that.

I either let my asthma get to me. Or fatigue overwhelms me and I can’t keep doing that.

I want to work out not because I am unhappy with my body. I love my curves and I love myself the way I am. I am doing this to be healthier. To feel energized and so when I see my doctor again, he hopefully will tell me I improved instead of just doing worse.

I will be working on motivating myself as much as I can. I have lost weight and all with the help of portion control and watching what I eat. Also with doing exercise and being active on my months where I manage to stay motivated.

I walk a lot! I feel like that’s just part of being a New Yorker. I am always out and about. Heading somewhere with friends.

My goal is to show you guys that with determination you can do whatever your heart desires.

Goals for the rest of the year.

1) make it to my goal weight

2) fix some health problems I have

3) feel more energized!

As a way to motivate me to go to the gym and not chicken out. Or to work out at home. I am going to post a little something each day about my experience working out and what I am doing to keep myself motivated.

I will also post some healthy meals and life changes I am doing!

Stay healthy and strong!

Enjoy the day butterflies!

Sincerely, simplyunamariposa 🦋