When people think about a caterpillar going through a metamorphosis, they think its something easy. It’s easier to see a green little caterpillar go through its changes than us going through metamorphosis ourselves.

We get to witness from afar the great physical changes this once little lonely caterpillar went through. What about us humans? We all go through a change in life but all we can do is witness each other stumble and hide in periods of cocoons, shells that we call our lowest point.

From our cocoons, our turning points in life, we break out of our shells as a new human being each and every time. That’s the beauty about our species, caterpillars only blossom once in their lives physically, but us humans we blossom emotionally and logically everytime we overcome an obstacle.

Long ago I was in a cocoon. A cocoon that I labeled my lowest point but out of that lowest point, I came out with new wings. Wings that will help me at another stage in my life. A stage that will help me find my golden age.

Us humans we never stop breaking out of cocoons, we never stop growing new wings. Unlike butterflies, metamorphosis is something we go through more than once in our lives…