Cant change a monster


Everywhere we go there are real-life monsters. Monsters who are made out of skin and bones.

Monsters who we grew up with, or monsters we went to school with.

They are human just like us but have a evil inside too intense for this world.

I’ve always tried to understand that when a person is a monster, maybe something caused them to be that way. Maybe they are monsters because they need a friend or they need a simple hug.

But no, some people you can hug and be there for all you want but they will never change.

Some people believe oppression is a method of keeping someone with them.

Some people think they can manipulate, cheat and cause pain to others.

No, a simple hug won’t help.

No, a year or two of second chances won’t help.

Some people are just simply monsters… And change is something they may never understand or let alone achieve.

You never really realize that you have fallen for a monster until its too late.

But please, my message to you,

You who are struggling trying to change someone who can not be changed,

Walk away, let them lose the only thing that had a heart big enough to see at least some beauty in an never changing monster.