Will you?


Fly into an abyss with me.

That’s only if you trust me of course.

Can you hold my hand and play with my ring till we make it up this mountain.

Do you trust me?

Can you play with the curls in the back of my head until I fall asleep while we take a break from walking?

Is there a chance you’ll leave me now before we make it past the wolves behind this mountain.

If so tell me.

I don’t want to take this journey in vain.

Can you grab my face and kiss me when I need a reminder that this mountain isn’t too big.

Will you fight the wolves with me?

They jump towards us like judgments, ridicules, and assumptions.

Tell me, will you grab my hand in front of them and protect me.

Do you love me enough to make it past the wolves so we can make it to our own little heaven?