Good morning my butterflies


I woke up today extremely early. I am the type of person who wakes up at 6 am for no reason. I wake up to get my headphones and listen to music.

Eventually, by 7 or 8 am I get sleepy again and so I go back to sleep. I hate it though, naps always result for me in strange dreams or sleep paralysis.

The weirdest nightmares I have are of me not being able to wake up. I know I am dreaming while dreaming and I start panicking because I want to wake up. So I try waking myself up in the dream by slapping myself, throwing myself and even closing my eyes and pretending I am sleeping.

The scariest part to me during this dream is that I can not open my right eye the whole time and that is what makes me panic the most. Ever since I was a child and accidentally scratched my eyeball with adult scissors, I take care of my eyes a lot. So, not being able to open that eye in my dreams throws me into a frenzy.

Today, I didn’t have that dream but instead had sleep paralysis. I was sleeping on my stomach and woke up but my body was unable to move. I tried to turn over but I couldn’t move.

I could hear the rain hit my window and in real life, it is actually raining. I could hear the shower on and when I managed to wake up the shower was on. My aunt was in there.

I kept my eyes shut as I tried moving my body because I felt if I opened them whatever I was feeling was with me in my room was going to show its face.

I tried screaming but no sound would come out of my mouth. Only sounds I could make was groaning. When I finally managed to move and actually wake up, I felt free.

I will always be fascinated by these dreams and sleep paralysis. Why does it happen? How can they be stopped? But once again, the big question here, why?

That was one thing I wanted to share. Maybe some of you guys experience this as well.

Today is a gloomy, rainy day where I live. The rain is falling down on my window as if it were the end of the world.

I still dont start work or school yet. Vacation mode for another week and a half. So I will be writing most of my day.

Hopefully where ever you guys are the weather is a little better, brighter and warmer! 儭

Have a good day my butterflies!