Self Love

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Heart ache is what brought me to where I am today.

To a place where I know I don’t need anyone to show me my worth.

To a place where I am content being alone.

I am never physically alone, I have family and friends.

But what I mean is I don’t need someone by my side to show me that I am loved.


I don’t know if what I’ve felt in the past was love.

All I know is emotions can blind you and make you feel like bad company is good company.

Make you feel like jealousy or dependency is part of being loved.

I’ve crossed paths with people who have bounced my heart around but I’ve also met people who have taught me great things about myself.

So, no heartache isn’t the only thing that’s shown me the benefits of self-love.

I’ve met people who loved me so much they made me want to understand what they saw in me that I didn’t.

Part of becoming an adult is realizing self-love is key to inner peace and success.

Self love will free you from that illusion that a relationship is what makes you whole.

No one completes you.

You must complete yourself.

Self love is that secret ingredient in life that will set you free.

When you focus on yourself and heal from your hardships on your own, you start to feel like wonder woman.

And no, I am not saying relationships are useless because they can be the best things on earth.

But in order to know what you want in a partner and know what you deserve in a relationship and in life, you need to know you are worth so much first.

Self love is looking in the mirror and knowing you are beautiful, not because someone assured you of it.

Self love is wanting to succeed because you are your number one fan.

You want to bring forward your goals and aspirations because you only get to live one life.

Self love is knowing you deserve a healthy relationship.

You deserve respect.

So, yes love is so much more than just hearing someone say I love you to you.

Love is within yourself, within someone who means it and within a state of mind where self acceptance and respect exist.