Hello my Butterflies




I hope you guys have been having a great time this week.

Where ever you guys are, I just want to say these three things,

1) Thank you for reading my work

2) Hope my work entertains you all


3) May you all travel the world and embrace the planet like a butterfly

My week has consisted of adjusting back to being back home after spending two weeks in the Dominican Republic.

I was in vacation mode. Now it’s back to get back to work and the daily routine type of mode. Classes begin soon and I have so many plans for this semester.

I want to join clubs. I want to make more friends. I want to look into internships and most importantly make this blog grow into something great.

I began this blog as a creative outlet. Something I can use to share my poetry and stories with my family and friends. But Ive gotten feedback on my work by some people and It feels so good knowing others find value in my work.

Through writing you can motivate someone. You can inspire and you can move a persons heart through written words. All I want is to make a change on this planet. To show people that writing is powerful.

As a shy individual I know the struggles of not being able to get across what I want to say verbally. That is why I began writing as a little girl. I want to show people that what we write has the power to move the whole wide world.

This week I have also been interacting with my family and just giving them my love. My mother who I will always call my best friend has been motivating me to keep writing on this blog. Even my little sister who is quite the trouble maker has been inspired by my work. She says, “are you going to be a book author? I tell her I hope so one day.

She says I have talent and coming from her those words have value.

This week I have met with friends and family. Created a blog and made a promise to myself.

I promise that no matter what, I will keep on writing.

That’s a promise to you guys and to my self