Age and Where We Should Be


I woke up a little ago. This morning I had a weird dream that I was watching a show about a young woman who was trapped in a jail. She was trying hard to escape but I woke up before I could finish this strange dream.

Every time I dream I tend to analyze my dreams. Yes, I am a psychology major and try to analyze and create a bigger picture of my dreams. Ever since I had a class where we analyzed a man’s dream, I have been fascinated by this phenomenon we call dreaming.

Now, what I believe my dream meant is that I feel stuck in some aspect of my life. That’s the first thing that popped up in my stream of consciousness as to my answer to why I dreamed that. I know it’s true. I am 22, and still figuring myself out honestly.

I don’t know where I should be in life yet. I am the oldest so I have been the first to do everything in my household. I am paving the way for these siblings of mine. Trying to be a good role model.

I don’t know who I am yet somedays. One side of me says you are in your 20’s you should know what you want already. Another side of me is the rational part and understands that life is an ever-changing process. So many wise people tell me, my life is just beginning.

So why add pressure to something that is just beginning?

That was my little take on my dream and in a way reminding myself that I am doing great for a 22-year-old and shouldn’t feel stuck.

If any of you fellow butterflies are feeling stuck, remind yourselves life is an ever-changing process. Remind yourselves that what you don’t get done today, will get done tomorrow. Remind yourselves 22, 42, or 62 are all just a number that defines how long we’ve lived, not where we should be in life.