What’s a Masterpiece


I am a creative masterpiece.
I was created with mistakes and beautiful colors.
I was flawed by the touch of dark emotions and emptiness.
But I was made special by the purpose and significance I hold.
I stand in this world as a portrait stands in a gallery.
Observed by others and misunderstood by the world.
Some can read me easier than others, some take their time and wonder why so much mystery behind this portrait of this woman, who seems to always smile.
I am not a portrait of just a woman with curly hair and brown eyes.
I am a walking figure, sculpted to only be 4’11.
My features are made from stone.
I can be cold but fragile.
Hard-headed but sensitive if you knock me down.
I am a portrait, a painting and a sculpture all in one.
I am creativity by God.
The artist is an entity unknown.
I tend to alternate between my own thoughts as I’ve battled with religion.
But I know a bigger entity created me and put me on this earth.
Based me off paintings whom I share a last name with.
Based me off works of art that share my DNA.
I am a piece of work that stands on this planet, wanting to be admired.
But then I shy away because I realize, God I can’t understand my own colors or my own features…
What is a masterpiece, if It fails to stand proudly among billions of paintings around the world?