My Number was Called


Sometimes things in life are better unsaid than said. We live in a world where opening your mouth sometimes is more hazardous than keeping it shut. A world where emotions are bullets that attack you so hard you start to believe your life has reached its end. What is life? In my two decades on this planet is nothing more than a number being pulled out of a hat. There are billions and billions of numbers in this hat. Once yours gets called, God puts you in a small defenseless body and places you in the arms of a mother and a father.

A mother and a father who once was just as defenseless as you when they were placed on this earth. Your life is then hit with unfortunate or fortunate events that mold you and shape you into who you might become. Some people can go through hell and still manage to keep a smile on their face. Some people have it all and frown every time they are left alone.

See this world is a spinning rock that was habituated by creatures, and monsters and angels and ghouls. Molded by people who valued greed and money more than life itself. People who cut down trees for valuable money. Trees give us oxygen, isn’t that more valuable than a green piece of paper that breaks when being drenched in water.

Food was placed on this planet for all of us, but not everyone can indulge it. Nature itself kills us, burns us, eats us alive. We have no choice. Our number was called and now we must get through this thing we call life. This thing that can either be hated or loved. Life, either you live it or you waste it. Either you grow or you destroy your own self. Violence in our towns, cities, countries, nations, the world. Violence in our own minds. Sometimes violence is aimed towards our own selves. Sometimes we are our own downfall. Mankind has survived years and years, why is it called mankind when theirs also women involved. Maybe because from the beginning men took a power that was meant for us both.

Why must a woman be any less than a man? We give ourselves to men in the name of love. Create a seed in our bellies from that love and raise this child in the name of love. Yet some of us are left with our seed to face the world alone. No husband, our love becomes the child we are destined to sometimes raise on our own.

Men, they deserve some recognition as well. Just like some men, some women leave this seed and that seeds father alone. Some men work night and day to bring home that valuable green paper that makes the world grow.

This world is a big ball of sin. Something so holy turned into drugs and alcohol. Murder and terrorism. Pain and death. Why must children get cancer? Why must anyone on this planet get it at all? Why must there be Aids and bacteria’s, infections and fevers? Seizers and accidents. Why must there be the pain of losing a person to these things? Of losing a person to suicide. The deadliest of sins. If we keep asking why, we will never do what we were put on this floating immense rock for, to Live. Perfection is nonexistent, normal is an imaginary word. Live. Live. Live. When life feels like hell call it your favorite place. Make friends with the bad and the ugly. Show it you are not scared. When things get rough remind yourself your number was called for a reason.

Either it’s to be a writer, a doctor, a mother, a father, a weirdo, a star, Live that life. You can live in chaos, but never let chaos live in you….