Simply just a Butterfly


Hello, my fellow butterflies!

A wise woman once said to me, “Your work is meant to be shared. Can’t hide all that creativity in that mind of yours.”

My name is a secret for now, but all my life I have been a lover of butterflies also known as Mariposa in Spanish. My name, for now, will be Mariposa. I am 22 and since I was a little girl, the writing was my favorite way to express myself. Being a shy child isn’t easy, especially when you come from a mother who easily makes friends and a savvy businessman of a father.

My passion for writing has in many ways been the reason I try so hard in life. One day I know all my hard work will be worth it and my writing will stay behind for my children and their children. The first time I wrote a short story, my eyes widened to this amazing world. A world where pen and paper become this portal to my imagination coming to life.  A world where my emotions can be spilled with no judgments.

Now you may ask, why do I call myself, “Mariposa.” I once had a grandmother who every Sunday would walk me to church with her. I would hold her hand and every Sunday, butterflies would roam around the trees on our way to the church. Two things will forever remind me of my grandmother. Butterflies, of course, the Dominican Republic and the kind words, “You are worth so much.”

This blog is my outlet to the world. My way to show others that we all have a voice. If you haven’t found it yet verbally, it’s somewhere in art or literature.

Sincerely, Mariposa